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"Hangerlok, the safest and strongest solution in plastic."

Made in the USA

Litchfield International produces all of their products in two manufacturing facilities in Torrington, Connecticut.

Hangerlok: Part of the American Manufacturing Movement

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Litchfield International offers the entire Hangerlok product line from 3/8 inch through 4 inch diameters.

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About Hangerlok

Thermoplastic pipe hangers were originally developed in Switzerland in the 1950ā€™s in Zurich Switzerland. It was a revolutionary invention that was designed to replace steel equivalents and improve installation efforts and labor units by using plastic pipe hangers.

The small family controlled company, Litchfield International, Litchfield CT created the original category of thermoplastic pipe hangers   for this same product in 1984 for North America.

The thermoplastic hanger category created a new type of construction hardware used first in residential construction followed by commercial and industrial applications. The applications grew from electrical conduit systems to telecommunications and cable systems, to pipe systems for plumbing, heating, refrigeration.

Electrical and telecommunications: electrical conduits, flexible conduits, fiberglass conduit, stainless steel conduit, cable systems ā€“ all types, coax cable systems, slotted radiating cable systems.

Piping, plumbing, refrigeration applications: engineered piping systems, pvc pipe, cpvc pipe, pex tubing, stainless steel tubing, copper tubing, ppr piping, pvdf piping. All systems are used with thermoplastic pipe hangers

Strut systems: Attach to strut systems with LT109 Strutcatcher using both thermoplastic pipe hangers or just plastic pipe hangers

Accessories: made of stainless steel for added versatility connecting to threaded rods. 4 sizes of flanges are offered.

Approvals: UL2239 with plenum approval. Equals ASTM E 84. UL2239 tested the Litchfield product of thermoplastic pipe hangers.

Markets: Hospitality, Stadiums, Universities, Hotels, Pharmaceutical, Electronics, Water and waste treatment, Transit Systems, DAS, Utilities, Agriculture, Marine. 32 submarkets. See hangerlok markets.

Hangerlok is made in the USA.

Made of high grades of nylon 6/6. HB94-V0 and V2.

Hangerlok is molded by a Woman Owned Enterprise in Torrington CT.

Litchfield International has released three national press releases with a PR Newswire discussing small manufacturers in the USA to include Hangerlok building applications. Litchfield is a proud member of the made in America movement. Litchfield International is a private company, family owned since 1984. 

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Technical Industries Inc.

"Having worked with Litchfield for over sixteen years, I can testify that their standards are exacting. It is rewarding to me, my partner and our entire organization to be intricately involved in their mission to manufacture their products in the United States."

Susan O. Parent, CEO - Technical Industries Inc., WOE, Torrington CT

Trilogy Communications

"Trilogy relies on the Hangerlok system as part of our product offering to fulfill our cable installations in these highly regulated projects and environments. Trilogy has worked with Litchfield International over twenty years."

Will Bodnar, VP Product Management - Trilogy Communications, Pearl MS.

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